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For the love of Corvettes and ALL fun cars alike…let’s talk about the love we have for our cars!

Greetings fellow Corvette Owners!


My New C7

Let's go get my new Corvette!


Day 2

Day 2 of Owning a C7


Day 3

Day 3 of Owning a C7

Latest Videos

C7 / Day 1

Coming September 10th

C7 / Day 2

Coming September 10th

C7 / Day 3

Coming September 10th

Companies we highly recommend

As we try new products for our cars, we will give you a detailed list of the companies we like. If a product works well and I am willing to use it on my car, we will try to give you as much information about the company, their products and how to get your hands on it. Sometimes we might even shoot a video for you. 


Steve Mindick has been a Corvette enthusiast since he was 8 years old when his cousin gave him a ride in both of his Stingrays. Steve has owned and driven Corvettes for the last 18 years. Before Corvettes Steve has owned many other sports cars such as Porche...but that was a long time ago and a very different story. This channel and website were created as a fun side project for the guitarist...
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Steve Mindick
Corvette Owner & Founder of In 7th Gear
While not yet a Corvette owner, Liz has immersed herself in the Corvette World. As a Web Designer she had the opportunity to work with JD Corvette and helped build but also helped create ads that you can find in prestigous magazines such as Corvette Magazine, Vette Magazine and so on.
Elizabeth Rodriguez
Web Design / Graphics & Co-Founder of In 7th Gear